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Who We Are
Who We Are

Man walking down boardwalk holding umbrellaWe are results-driven and help you drive measurable performance across all key financial and operational components of your organization.

Who We Are | The Road Less Travelled

Founded by Dan Romain, an accomplished agency owner and expert in the field, Broker’s Path is not about business as usual. It’s about approaching your future with confidence and strength that can only come from knowing exactly where you are now and exactly what actions are required to achieve your goals.

“It’s all about legacy to me. I became convinced that we could build a consulting firm that could repeat our powerful level of success over and over again in ways no one else was offering.”
- Dan Romain

You want trusted guidance from someone who has been in your shoes. Someone who has experienced firsthand what works and what doesn’t – what fails and what succeeds. A true mentor who sees’s the world through your eyes instead of from behind a consultant’s desk.

Building a platform agency from modest beginnings, Dan has traveled this path with a level of success that is enviable. His firm achieved the top percentile metrics in America, was the largest in its home state, posted double digit organic growth, and ranked in the 96.4% percentile in operational performance. His team spread ownership throughout the Producer team ranks, cash-flowed 500% growth and transformed the culture into unprecedented excellence before founding Broker’s Path – a personal ambition he has held for many years.

While other consulting firms tell you what to do, Broker’s Path shows you how to do it – step by strategic step. This may sound like a simple difference, but the implications and end results prove otherwise. Drawing from comparisons is helpful, but drawing from experience is invaluable. We help you map a course for implementing operational excellence and expertly guide you through the tricky parts. We show you how to be proactive, not reactive. We keep you focused on the strategies and decisions that add up to long-term growth.

This is how we stand apart from other consultancy groups. This is how we turn your goals into realities.