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Testimonial  “I’m serious when I say that this was the most profound experience of my 35 year career. Do you know how that makes someone my age feel- to think that I can retire in a few years as the agency is really taking off?! We’re making significant changes, long overdue, because Dan laid out a hundred-plus page plan on how to turn this place around. Seriously, I have no problem if an agency owner wants to call me. In fact, I encourage it! – Frank O’Neill, Chairman of the Board: Moloney & O’Neill, Spokane, WA. (Firm w/revenue: $7.5MM to $15MM.)

Testimonial  “I thought we were doing pretty well given the challenges of this economy. I expected some ‘things’ that Dan would point out, but I didn’t expect the kind of report Dan presented to us. Frankly, it opened my eyes to things I knew were problems but for some reason we hadn’t addressed them. Now that we’re working the plan, I can’t imagine operating like we used to. And, yes, we’ve had other consultants come in. Some of the best. You all know who they are and they did nice work but, nothing, not even close to what Broker’s Path did. I will be eternally grateful to Dan for all that they’ve done.” –John Moloney: President

Testimonial  “Before Dan left on Friday, he took me to lunch and gave me his initial impressions. I was actually kind of spooked by how much he knew, how clearly he saw the issues and read every personality. I remember telling him: ‘good luck putting all that in writing’ because it seemed like an impossible task. Anyway, the day I opened his Report and began to read was the day our past ended and our future began as far as I’m concerned. And, as for the cost, twenty minutes into his accounting department interview, Dan recommended a balance sheet change that increased the value of our agency a half million dollars so; he pretty much earned his keep before he ever really got started.” Jeff O’Neill (Age 37. Large Book & Executive Board member.)

Testimonial  “Every time I think of Dan, I get a big smile on my face. He read us like a book. He nailed it. He saw things we’ve been screwing around with for years. He calls things like he sees them and I really appreciate that. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got a great bedside manner. I’d venture to say that every last shareholder feels like we can perpetuate this place now. I wouldn’t have said that before. I bet most of us (shareholders) read that report a dozen times. Frank carries it around with him wherever he goes. He acts like one of the young guys now. John’s amped-up. Everyone is. We’re talking about doubling our size now and I think we can do it! We can perpetuate this place, alright. I have no doubt about that now.” Mark Roff. (Age 48. Large Book and Executive Board member.)

(Contact: Frank O’Neill: or any of the names above at: 509-325-3024 Pacific Time.)