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Who We Are
Who We Are

Man walking down boardwalk holding umbrellaWe bring confidence to your approach with long-term strategies that guide your leadership.

Who We Are | Straight Talk

If you’re concerned about an uncertain future and selling your firm is the last thing you want to do, call us. If you're convinced that selling your firm is the only solution, but you want to set pathways in place for the “next generation” to thrive in the future, we can show you the precise steps to take. If there’s a local firm you think would be a good fold-in opportunity to buy or merge with, from an operational perspective, we are the best firm you can hire. If key working components of your business need to be improved, we can help you fine tune them better than anyone else.

However, if you’re simply in need of a policy manual or an overdue retreat, then there are plenty of “drive by” firms you can call. If operations cash-flow is fine, and you just want someone to refine some of the finer points, we can refer you to a few firms that would work well for you. That’s not what we do.

We are completely focused on making the future ownership of your agency a win-win for you on every level.

As harsh as it may sound, if you don’t take steps to control your own future, others will do it for you.

We help you succeed by providing knowledge, information, and real world experience that elevates the value and capabilities of your entire organization. With Broker’s Path, you’ll clearly understand the dynamics of ownership transfer and be confidently prepared to take the necessary initiatives. And initiative is the key requirement for success as the owner of a professional independent insurance agency and brokerage.