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Our Approach
Our Approach

Man walking down boardwalk holding umbrellaWe bring confidence to your approach with long-term strategies that guide your leadership.

Our Fees

Our initial visit to your office includes meeting with the Leadership Team and mutual Q&A under the protection of confidentiality agreements. Touring the branch offices comes next (if applicable).

If appropriate we collect financial information in virtually any form you already have it.

It's important to note that anyone can cost reduce an agency by dumping payroll to short-term unsustainable margins. That’s NOT how we drive the numbers. Compensation and head-count games are just that!

In approximately a week we will report back to you some preliminary observations and recommendations. We do that in person as well. Up to this point, there is no cost involved. Our goal is to offer a minimum of $100,000 in “value” as a demonstration of our abilities (Just like you offer value to prospects without being pre-paid). We then estimate operational improvements within a specific period of time. Those estimates come in two forms: “Definite” and “Probable”.

If there’s a good fit we both will know it in that setting. If there’s an interest in going forward we will execute a few documents and design a fee structure based upon measurable results. Since every engagement is unique, our fee structure is not set in stone…but our methodology is!

One of two ways:

  • We openly discuss what this project is going to take and set a fee. Our fee has never been an issue.
  • We peg our fee to operating performance measured by a percentage. For example, if your agency’s value grows by $500,000 (run-rate or realized it doesn’t matter to us) an invoice for $20,000 is in your future. In this approach we usually put a cap on our fee as well. Our fees are plain, simple and straight forward.

Once hired, we return with a systematic plan that we call: Broker’s Pathway. That path has a beginning, middle and an end. Our goal is to leave you better than we found you and then leave! If you need us in perpetuity, we’re probably not a good fit.

Lastly, we won’t consult any firm within the marketplace of another client. What we do is unique and our goal is to keep a degree of separation among/between clients for maximum results.