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Our Approach
Our Approach

Man walking down boardwalk holding umbrellaContact us to find out how we can help your business achieve it's operational goals.

Our Approach | How We Work

From the moment we meet with you, and throughout the entire relationship, Broker’s Path focuses on driving performance for your agency. We help you guide Production Teams to significantly higher incomes while driving down “The Cost of Sales” and translating performance and net-book growth into income and cash-flow throughout your organization.

  1. We begin by meeting with your Leadership Team and conducting mutual Q&A under the protection of confidentiality agreements. This provides us with initial insight into your current situation, identifies unknowns, and clearly defines the goals you want to reach.
  2. The next stage, if appropriate, involves collecting financial information in virtually any form you have it. Your accountant, CPA, Controller, or CFO will spend less than 30-minutes gathering the information we need.
  3. Within approximately a week, we report back to you with preliminary observations and recommendations. Up to this point, there is no cost involved. Our goal is to offer a minimum of $100,000 in “value” as a demonstration of our abilities and commitment. We then estimate operational improvements with a specific time period. These estimates come in two forms: “Definite and “Probable”.
  4. If there is a good fit, it will be clear in that setting. If there’s an interest in going forward, we will execute initial documents and design a fee structure based upon measurable results.

Along every step of the way, we align our interests with yours. Our fees are extremely fair and are tied directly to your operational performance. Every action we take is clear, simple and straight forward. Put simply, no other firm offers this kind of leadership - or brings this level of confidence to the table.